Gandhi Rock’s Apex Podcast #5

Gandhi Rock’s Apex Podcast #5

1. Once Lydian (Original Mix) by Andrew Bayer 

2. Bonfire Heart (HIIO Remix) by James Blunt

3. Boom (Stan Gravs Remix) by Adrian Rooz

4. Dive (Husman Remix) Feat. Hope by Hot Mouth, Nezzo

5. Adagio In G Minor (Antillas & Dankann Rework) by Antillas

6. Face To Face (Junkx Remix) Feat. Stanfour by ATB

7. Master Blaster (Original Mix) by Basstrixx

8. Titan (Original Mix) by BlasterJaxx, Badd Dimes

9. 1998 Thinking About You (Gandhi Rock Mash Up) by Binary Finary, Twoloud vs Calvin Harris, Ayah Marar

10. Drumfire Puzzle Back To Earth (Gandhi Rock Mash Up) by Digital Junkiez vs Quintino, Blasterjaxx vs Futuristic Polar Bears


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