Gandhi Rock’s Apex Podcast #11

Gandhi Rock’s Apex Podcast #11

My podcast features my picks for the top 10 tracks that have come out this week. You will never hear the same song twice on my podcast so you’re guaranteed to hear the latest and best music in all of Electronic Dance Music!

1. Escape (Original Mix) by EjMU
2. Serenity (Original Mix) by Somna
3. Paranoid (Original Mix) by Vegas, Klauss Goulart, Jullians
4. Delay (Original Mix) by Moby, Lucky Date
5. Bouncer (Original Mix) by Showtek, Ookay
6. Turn Up! (Original Mix) by Armand Pena, Beta Rebels
7. Guitar Track (Original Mix) by Sander Van Doorn, Firebeatz
8. Playground (Tiesto Remix) by Jack Eye Jones
9. WOW Otherside (Gandhi Rock Mash Up) by Riggi & Piros vs Jayden Parx
10. Machine (Festival Mix) by Dead Robot


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