Gandhi Rock’s Apex Podcast #13

Gandhi Rock’s Apex Podcast #13

My podcast features my picks for the top 10 tracks that have come out this week. You will never hear the same song twice on my podcast so you’re guaranteed to hear the latest and best music in all of Electronic Dance Music!

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1. What Is Love (Walden Remix) by Janelle Monae
2. The Hold (Original Mix) by TV Noise
3. Parasox (Original Mix) by Tempsun
4. I Know U (Original Mix) by Baggi Begovic, Team Bastian
5. Echo (Original Mix) by BlasterJaxx
6. Underdog We Want Some Pussy (ProtoVision & Gandhi Rock Mash Up) by 2 Faced Funks vs 2 Live Crew
7. Get Down (Original Mix) by Swanky Tunes, Vigel
8. Make Me Jump (Original Mix) by Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf
9. Raise Your Hands (Kevin Acero Bootleg) by Ummet Ozcan
10. Everybody Is In The Place (Original Mix) by Hardwell


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